San Joaquin River Trail

The San Joaquin River Trail consists of many climbs and downhills that make for a challenging, fun, and scenic run/hike regardless of where you start from. You get beautiful views of the San Joaquin River, Millerton Lake, and the surrounding hills throughout the run. The official entrance is at the South Finegold Picnic Area. The trail hosts the San Joaquin River Trail Half Marathon, Pincushion Hill Climb, and SJRT 50k & 100k events.


1. Make sure to bring lots of water or electrolyte drink as there aren't any fountains on the trail and don't forget energy gels, chews, and/or bars for the longer runs.
2. There is varied amounts of coverage along the trail so make sure you are properly clothed to protect yourself from cold, heat, or precipitation (depending on season).
3. Be aware of your surroundings while running especially rattlesnakes during the warmer months.
4. Running without headphones is recommended so you can better hear what is going on around you.
5. Carry your trash! Make sure to leave enough space in your pack or pockets for any trash you have. Help keep the trails clean!

Here is a video, courtesy of San Joaquin Running, of the Half Marathon section of the trail.

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