Training Programs at Fleet Feet Fresno

There are 3 training seasons at Fleet Feet Fresno:

  1. Spring/Cal Classic: Mid-January to April.
  2. Bridge the Gap/Summer: May to early July 
  3. Fall/2CM: Mid-July to November


Details and sign-up will be posted on Fleet Feet website as each season approaches.


Training Group Times and Locations

  1. Twice a week coach-led group workouts:
  • Tuesdays at 6 or 7PM (depending on season) at Fleet Feet or Clovis West track
  • Saturdays at 6 or 7AM (depending on season) at Fleet Feet or other locations
  • Structured Thursday evening runs at 6PM at Fleet Feet, optional
  1. Variety of running locations include Woodward Park, Clovis Trails, Millerton area hills, and some optional races.


Program Benefits

  1. Guaranteed Lowest Price for 2CM and Cal Classic.
  2. Written beginner, intermediate, and advanced daily training schedules developed by Fleet Feet Training Team Coordinator, John Volkman who has run over 160 marathons including one in every state and has coached marathoners for over 20 years.
  3. Twice a week coach-led trainings
  4. Experienced coaching at group workouts.
  5. Exclusive discount shopping days
  6. Regular informational email updates
  7. Educational seminars and coaching on topics such as running technique and strategy, running shoes and gear, nutrition and hydration, stretching, injury treatment/prevention, massage.
  8. Past team members: Join again or Refer a friend-$10 gift card


Suggested Activity Level Prior To Start of Training:

Half-marathon participants should have been doing some exercising recently, but the program encourages walk/run intervals for those doing their first half who haven’t been running a lot. Experienced runners who are looking for a fast time will also be challenged as there will be schedules for both advanced and beginner half-marathoners. The opportunity will be there for veteran runners to do some of their long runs with the full marathoners on some challenging hills.


Full-marathon participants should have been running for at least a year and completed at least one half-marathon. They should currently be able to run or run/walk a minimum of 30 minutes (2-3 miles) three times a week.

You are strongly encouraged to consult with your physician and have a physical in preparation for this rigorous training program.


Training Group Levels

1)   Beginner – First time half/full- marathoners using Run/Walk method

2)   Intermediate – Faster paced/goal-oriented workouts for more experienced runners.

3)   Advanced – Higher mileage and more intense speed work for full marathoners.


REGISTRATION for Fleet Feet Training:

Half-Marathon, 10K or relay: $145

Full-Marathon: $195

Bridge the Gap: $75

There are no exchanges or transfers at any time

Registration for Fleet Feet training does not include race entry.


Race Registration Information

Two Cities and Cal Classic Event Registration: You get the lowest race registration rate by joining Fleet Feet Training Groups! So, wait to register for the race until after training starts. You will get instructions on how to get the lowest rate once training has started.


For Two Cities Marathon info go to:

For Cal Classic info go to:

For Freedom/4th of July info go to:


Kickoffs: 7PM at Fleet Feet Fresno

You will want to plan to attend Kick-off! Important schedule and training info, food, and fun to all who attend. If you can’t make it, then arrangements can be made to get the information at another time.



Call: Coach John @ (559) 367-1304 or Fleet Feet Fresno @ (559) 433-6750

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Fun Runs More Info »

Program Start: ex: Thursday Night Fun Runs, 6:00pm
Program Fee: Fun Runs from the store are FREE

Fitvil Training Group Registration More Info »

Bridge the Gap: Summer 2019 Running Club More Info »

Program Start: Tues, April 30th 6PM
Program Fee: $75 for 8 weeks *Excludes race fees
Description: As a team we will run the 4th of July race in Fresno! It is not required to run this event.
Register »

2Cities Half Marathon Training More Info »

Program Start: July 9th 7PM
Program Fee: $145 *excludes race fee (SPECIAL discounted race entry when register for training program)
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2Cities Full Marathon Training More Info »

Program Start: July 9th 7PM
Program Schedule: 16 weeks
Program Fee: 16 week program: $195 *excludes race fee
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